makes the impossible possible

Ai is the industry’s most powerful and flexible media server, delivering easy control of all live entertainment lighting and video. Over a decade of focused in-house development has created a system with expansive capabilities, which made it the choice server for cutting-edge projects like the Summer 2012 and Winter 2014 Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the Bon Jovi tour. Ai is under constant development has become integral to the worlds most stunning shows.

Ai Media Servers were born from the union between Avolites Media Ltd and Immersive Ltd; Ai represents the first letters of the two logos. To enable Immersive to concentrate and develop their installations and content production, and to focus the development of Ai, Immersive transferred ownership of all Ai IP and its talented software developer Dave Green to Avolites Media Ltd in 2010. Avo will continue to develop and manufacture the Ai range of Media Control products. Dave and his team are as committed to advancing the features of the Ai toolkit as Immersive are committed to creating projects that push for unique playback capabilities.

Immersive can supply Ai for any project that demands precision engineering. Our team of experienced technicians; who are touring, installing, and configuring the systems, are available to help deliver ground-breaking results every time.



Ai : Manufactured in England


Immersive is an Avolites Media certified Centre of Excellence.


Infinity Servers


Multi-award winning and ultra high specification they drive the most demanding video projects with robust DMX control. Capable of 8 full HD outputs and conveniently, each DVI output has an accompanying preview output. The Ai Infinity also includes internal EDID management, LTC and MIDI Time-code, Genloc Input, Multi-Server Frame-sync and Master-Slave remote control which altogether creates an incredibly flexible video controller.

S-Series Servers


Smooth playback of up to 8K media on up to 8 full HD DVI outputs. Soft-edge blending of multiple projectors. Timeline, Timecode Sequencer. Visualiser. MIDI. Artnet. CK Ki-Net. Map and warp onto any surface, even moving objects. Intuitive modular LED support. Configure multiple systems as Master or Slaves. Remote control (via VNC)

Sapphire Controller


Built so two technicians can work simultaneously on setting up lighting palettes and video mapping. A fully integrating operating system with color-touch screen for preview and real time and visualisation, the Sapphire provides total media control.

“It’s the first integrated video control surface dedicated to video. It’s well thought through and well designed.” – PLASA Judges

MSC-1 Controller

A compact controller that connects directly to any Ai system to provide live control by giving access to effects, layers and clips.

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